Month: July 2018

My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 212

This post is coming late, but I need to get it in.

Yesterday, I finally got to try the Quest frozen pizza.

I liked it. It very much tasted like a typical frozen pizza to me. I’d love to try out the supreme version, and see if that is also good. This is a good alternative to my chicken crusted pizza. Huge convenience wise ūüėČ They are a little pricey though, but they have been flying off the shelves at Target.

Today I have been back to my normal self. Money is tight these next couple of weeks, so I need to be hitting the freezer to figure out some meals for myself. Not too much of an issue though.


The day went fine. I had the pizza, but tried to watch my carbs for the rest of the day. There are a lot of fiber carbs in that pizza. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t hitting some max carb limit. Even if the net carbs were lower.

Bowling in league went decent as well. It is the sport shot league, so it is expected that you bowl sort of bad. haha.

07/30 MyFitnessPal
 Р1726 Calories, 16 net carbs. IF was done.  


11:56 pm to 6:57 am. 6 hrs 4 mins. 12 x awake for 57 mins. I think my fitbit started counting a little early. I did get my reading done, before bed. I did try sleeping while the wife had the tv on. I just couldn’t do it, so I had that big delay before I actually got to sleep.


I am mostly going to focus on getting more items done around the house. I need to get cooking too. I might have to look up a few recipes, just for meats I have in the freezer.

My Journey to a Healthy Me Days 209-211

It is Monday, so time for the week in review. First though, I need to cover my weekend.

Saturday on the drive to bowling, I ate a quest bar, fat bomb,¬†and quest nacho tortilla¬†chips. Shortly after that though, we stopped to eat. Traffic¬†was building up a little, and I needed gas anyway. We went to habit burger. I was feeling the hunger, so I got the Santa Barbara Cobb salad (no avocado), plus I double char burger lettuce¬†wrapped. It was very good. I didn’t quite finish the salad, because I was really full. It wasn’t that long ago I ate the other stuff. Putting in the numbers to my fitness pal, I pretty much reached my calorie macros. I had room for one more fat bomb later. I ate that before I went off to bowling.

I bowled really well. No real complaints. I was leaving lots of 10 pins to start off, but was eventually able to carry more strikes.

After bowling, I went to McDonald’s to grab my son some food for dinner. I was already feeling a bit hungry, and this stuff smelled good. I did not eat any of the McDonald’s at though. Back at the room, I caved in and decided I could handle a couple of my cookies, sunflower seeds, and some pork cracklins. I would fail on the IF eating times, but I thought this would be ok. Plus, I would be higher calories.

In the past, I have mentioned that sometimes I can get into a feeding frenzy. It makes me think of how Sharks are. That blood in the water can send them into this ongoing feeding frenzy that they can’t stop. This is how I felt. I ended up eating all the cookies I brought, all the fat bombs, and finished off the bag of my pork cracklins. I didn’t eat all the food I brought, but I ate a lot, and late into the evening. I was still tracking in myfitnesspal, but eventually I stopped that too.

I did read some that night, but Remember the Titans was coming on. My son was watching, and I started too. That meant I didn’t get to sleep till almost 1:30 am.

Sunday, I ate a quest bar before bowling. So ate outside my eating window. Though, this was sort of acceptable to me, because I would be bowling soon. I bowled decent enough. Not as good as the previous day, but above my average.

Then the long drive home. We stopped at a Jack in the box. I had a lettuce wrapped burger. I had other stuff in the car to finish off. Sunday night wasn’t as bad as Saturday. I did eat a little after my eating window, because of the time I got home.

Week Summary

I am happy with the results this week. I was worried my day of eating this weekend would have really messed me up. It seems to have been OK though.

Weight Loss

Down to 285 lbs. That is 5.3 lbs gone¬†this week, and 82.6 lbs since January 1st. I very much did not expect this. Though it may be a couple of days for this Saturday’s eating binge to settle in.


07/23 MyFitnessPal Р1886 Calories, 26 net carbs (10 net carbs if you subtract the erythritol (4g) and Allulose (12g)) IF done
07/24 MyFitnessPal Р1865 Calories, 14 net carbs (11 taking out the erythritol) IF done
07/25 MyFitnessPal Р1642 Calories, 27 net carbs (15 net carbs when you subtract allulose and erythritol) IF done
07/26 MyFitnessPal Р1742 Calories, 16 net carbs IF done
07/27 MyFitnessPal Р1729 Calories, 17 net carbs (14 minus the erythritol) IF done
07/28 MyFitnessPal Рonly partially tracked No IF done
07/29 MyFitnessPal Р1730 Calories,  21 net carbs (19 minus the erythritol) IF partially done.

Still, not too bad this week, even though Saturday was a problem. At least it was with keto foods ūüôā


07/23 –¬†12:32¬†am to 6:46¬†am. 5 hrs¬†48 mins. 16 x awake for 26 mins.¬†Reading done.
07/24 –¬†12:30 am to 8:00 am. 7 hrs 1 min. 16 x awake for 29 mins. Reading done.
07/25 –¬†12:19 am to 7:41 am. 6 hrs 48 mins. 10 x awake for 34 mins. Reading done.
07/26 –¬†12:21 am to 7:54 am. 6 hrs 56 mins. 16 x awake for¬†37 mins. Reading done.
07/27 Р12:22 am to 7:42 am. 6 hrs 37 mins. 11 x awake for 43 mins. Reading done.
07/28 – 1:20 am to 8:22 am. 6 hrs 30 mins. 14 x awake for 32 mins. Reading done.
07/29 – 12:35 am to 8:23 am. 7 hrs. 20 x awake for 48 mins. No reading.

I am having more days were I am not awake so much at night. Maybe I am settling in better at the new place.

This week

More moving in. I have some items I want to focus on. Plus, the faster I get these done, the faster I can start up exercise, and building some Voltron Lego I just got ūüôā

My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 208

Happy Friday. Time to get this weekend started.

My big test this weekend, will be staying on the Keto path. I need to make sure to not over eat, even with Keto safe foods. I also want to do my best to stick to my intermittent fasting schedule. In fact, all my schedules. Sleeping and reading schedule too.

I’ll be bowling in Grass Valley, Ca. It looks like it will be a 3 hour drive there. No idea how traffic will impact that. I hope, there won’t be any on the way there, or back. ūüôā

I’ve already packed up a few things, and should hopefully be ready to roll tomorrow.

Picked up some Zevia sodas today. I like the Black Cherry from tasting before, but I wanted to test some of the others. ūüôā


07/26 MyFitnessPal
¬†– 1742 Calories, 16 net carbs. I did most of my eating during my “lunch” eating. Then just a sausage before heading over to bowling.


12:21 am to 7:54 am. 6 hrs 56 mins. 16 x awake for 37 mins. Overall sleep seemed fine. I still feel like I am needing more though. ūüôā Finished off my last book, and started on the next one. I don’t believe this is a very long book. I imagine I will be through this pretty quick.

The Weekend

Bowling and driving!

My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 207

Well, those cookies from yesterday are really good. I have then in the fridge, and they became even better. I had 5 of them today. Though, I still made it all in my macros.

Today was Chicken crust pizza day. I added in the Italian sausage. A winner in my book.

Bowling tonight went well. We swept all the points tonight. I messed up game one, but came back and bowled well the next two games. Hopefully, this is a good indicator for bowling this weekend!

I have been getting a little excited to start getting in my exercising. I just want to get more moved in before I begin. I am tempted to take pictures, or maybe get some YouTube videos. In 6 months or a year, it would be cool to see how I progress. I believe I will be mostly starting with Bodyweight workouts, and try using dumbbells where I can as well. Just try to see what all I can get done in the gym here on the complex. ūüôā


07/25 MyFitnessPal
 Р1642 Calories, 27 net carbs (15 net carbs when you subtract allulose and erythritol). I did eat in my eating window.


12:19 am to 7:41 am. 6 hrs 48 mins. 10 x awake for 34 mins. Overall good sleep last night. We have a fan in the window now, and it hasn’t been as hot in the room. I think that is helping me out.

I am almost done with book 3 in the Bobiverse. It has been a good series. I have been enjoying reading on the kindle paperwhite. It hasn’t seemed to effect me at all. I have a Neil Degrasse Tyson book in the queue next.¬†Astrophysics for People in a Hurry.

Hopefully, it will be a good read. I think after that, I am going for the Harry Potter books.

Tomorrow and the weekend

I might grab some items from the store tomorrow. I have the big weekend to prepare for. I’ll be bringing some easy keto items for me, plus my laptop. I should be able to post without issue. I’d also like to get more work done around the house before heading out.

My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 206

Today is my 20th Wedding Anniversary. ūüôā Wife is feeling pretty sick though, so we didn’t go do anything.

I was 24 when we got married, and my wife was pregnant with our first kid. ūüôā

Today I finally got around to making some food. Coconut bread, and the Pecan sandies from KetoConnect.

I have to say, they are really good. My pan for the bread is too big, so I tried to mush this batter into one end of it. It actually worked. ūüôā The Pecan Sandies tasted great. I thought they might be crunchier when I got them out, but maybe that will happen once they are all cooled off. Texture was great, and taste was spot on.

I should have plenty of food items to take with me this weekend on my bowling trip. ūüôā


07/24 MyFitnessPal
 Р1865 Calories, 14 net carbs (11 taking out the erythritol) I also ate in my eating window. A bit higher calories, but nothing to really freak out about.


12:30 am to 8:00 am. 7 hrs 1 min. 16 x awake for 29 mins. I headed off to bed about 10 after, but then had to hit up the bathroom. It wasn’t too much longer, but sleep didn’t happen till 12:30. At least the sleep actually seemed fine. Until the morning


I want to get some chicken made. I should get to more moving in items on my list. I also have to bowl.

My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 205

Last night I enrolled to the local community college, and was accepted today. Looks like I can start taking some classes. Just a little something to work on, so that someday I can get back out in the workforce.

I weigh myself each morning. I know numbers fluctuate and all that. I mainly do it so I can spot trends. I see a few days that I am gaining, maybe I need to get my food. Well, I have still been losing. While getting my mourning routine in, I realized something. I am only about 30 lbs away from being at my lightest weight. At least from what I can recall. Sure maybe when I was 22 or something I was lighter. October 8th, 2014 I weighed 257 lbs. That was the lightest I have been since a really long time. I had gained everything back, and started fighting back last year. Though this New Years I really started to kick it in gear. I was 367 lbs on New Years Day. 286.6 lbs this morning. Hey, maybe in 3 months or so, I can hit that milestone :) Just got to stay the course. Keep on moving on!

Not a whole lot else done though. I want to make a couple of recipes. First, some Rosemary and Garlic Coconut Flour Bread from  They also have Keto Shortbread Cookies | Pecan Sandies! That I really want to try. My Mom use to love the Keebler pecan shortbread cookies. I wonder how close these might be. They sound really good. There are a few other recipes I want to make too. Lots over at too.


07/23 MyFitnessPal
¬†– 1886 Calories, 26 net carbs (10 net carbs if you subtract the¬†erythritol (4g) and Allulose (12g)) I actually ate most the food at one meal. I did have some sunflower seeds, and pork cracklin’s to snack on. Then on sausage before I went to bowl.


12:32 am to 6:46 am. 5 hrs 48 mins. 16 x awake for 26 mins. I was actually in bed pretty close to the time I wanted, But I couldn’t get settled in. Dog was pacing around, and it was warm again. I was getting in a pretty good sleep, but then woke up early. I thought it might have been close to 8. Like there was enough light that my body was like “Oh man, we should probably wake up” Then I looked and saw it was like 6:30. I tried to lay there longer, but the body wasn’t having it. I did almost miss my start reading time, because I applied for school. I did get in in though.


I want to do so much, but then I don’t haha. I want to cook. I got in window tint I need to put up. (please let it help darken the room) I also have plenty to hang around the house, and unpack more.

This coming weekend I have a big bowling trip as well. 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive one way. I will drive there and bowl. Then stay at a hotel. Bowl the next day,¬† and head home. I need to prepare a few food items to bring with my. I’ll be taking my oldest son too. I am sure we will be eating out. I just have to keep it keto!

My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 204

Week Summary time! ūüôā

All in all, it was a good week. I did get a few things done with my move in process. I am getting into a more consistent eating schedules, which seems to help me quite a bit.

Emotionally, most of the week was actually fine. I did have a couple of more down days. One day became a super rage inducing. Luckily, it did not continue on for the next day.

Weight Loss

Weight loss did in fact kick in this week. Down 9.3 lbs this week. 290.2 lbs. That is 77.4 lbs lost since January 1st. I imagine with a bigger loss this week, this coming week will not be as good. It also seems that the Quest products are not impacting my weight loss in a negative way. I am still trying to keep the total carbs and net carbs lower with them though.


07/16 MyFitnessPal Р1905 Calories, 18 net carbs (17 net subtracting the Erythritol)
07/17 MyFitnessPal Р1538 Calories, 16 net carbs (14 if you subtract the Erythritol)
07/18 MyFitnessPal Р1954 Calories, 19 net carbs (13 if you subtract the Erythritol)
07/19 MyFitnessPal Р1642 Calories, 16 net carbs (13 net carbs minus the erythritol)
07/20 MyFitnessPal Р1614 Calories, 17 net carbs (16 net carbs minus the erythritol)
07/21 MyFitnessPal Р1758 Calories, 11 net carbs (9 net carbs minus the erythritol)
07/22 MyFitnessPal Р1772 Calories, 16 net carbs (13 net minus the erythritol)

I ate in my eating¬†window each day. One day a bit close to 6 pm, and a few days where I didn’t eat until the¬†afternoon. I think instead of moving to 12-6 this week, I will just keep where I am at. Some days I will still fast longer, but I like¬†the option to eat at 11.


07/16 – Forgot to wear my watch, but reading and sleep were done on time
07/17 –¬†12:32 am to 8:31 am. 7 hrs 22 mins. 9 x awake for 37 mins
07/18 – Forgot to wear my watch again, but reading and sleep done on time
07/19 –¬†12:18 am to 7:30 am. 6 hrs 33 mins. 11 x awake for 39 mins
07/20 –¬†12:30¬†am to 7:00 am. 5 hrs 53 mins. 12 x awake for 37 mins
07/21 –¬†12:11 am to 8:10 am. 6 hrs 58 mins. 16 x awake for 1 hr 1 min
07/22 – 12:25 am to 7:06 am. 5 hrs 40 mins. 14 x awake for 1 hr 1 min

Each night this week, I got in my reading, and mostly on time. One night I finished book 2 in the Bobiverse series. That only put my like an extra 5 minutes out. Now if I could actually get more restful sleep, and stop waking up so early.

I hope to get in some window tint this week, and see if it will help darken the room enough.

This week

Same old more moving in. I am hoping to get a few items made this week too. Lots on Keto Connect and Headbanger’s kitchen I want to try.

My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 203

A more relaxing day today. I got more items ordered to help out finishing my to do list around the house. I also made some fat bombs today. I hope tomorrow I can make a few more things to eat over the week.

I got my fitbit scale to connect back to my account last night. It took like 10 tried in a row to finally do it. I names it POS, because that is exactly what it was being. I have been trying to get this to work since we first moved in. This morning, it once again would not connect. Searching Google showed that many people have been having issues with Comcast/Xfinity routers, and the Aria. So oh well, I guess I just use it like a normal scale, and have to enter the numbers in manually to my fitbit account. I wonder if the Aria 2 has these issues too?


07/21 MyFitnessPal
¬†– 1758 Calories, 11 net carbs (9 net carbs¬†minus the¬†erythritol). Fasting done in my normal hours. Had some of my favorite Louisiana¬†Rub Wings from Wingstop. ūüôā They are a little high in calories, but really good. I could eat so many of them.¬†


12:11 am to 8:10 am. 6 hrs 58 mins. 16 x awake for 1 hr 1 min. It was warm last night, and I woke up a few times. Though today I seemed to sleep in a bit longer at least. I ordered window tint to help darken the window. I am hoping this will help with my sleep as well.


Costco run will be happening. Just a couple of items though. I should start getting in more stuff this week to get more done around here as well. It is also the beginning of the week, so I will be posting up a recap.

My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 202

Today was much less rage inducing!

We went out today, to pick up a few grocery items. I’ve been in love with some Italian sausage. No carbs and tastes great helps a lot. Today at FoodMaxx, they were on sale. They only had 3 packs (6 links per pack), and I bought them all. I also got more ingredients to make more chicken crust pizza when I want.

I also got out and did a couple of Pokemon Go raids with my wife. I

We didn’t get much more in to move in wise. More of that tomorrow.

Monday, I need to get in a trip to Costco. Meatballs and lettuce are calling my name!


07/20 MyFitnessPal
 Р1614 Calories, 17 net carbs (16 net carbs minus the erythritol). Also got all my eating done within my eating window. Ended up making a pretty tasty chicken crusted pizza. Just simple pepperoni and black olives, but it seemed to be what I needed. I bought some sausage to add on there next time.


12:30¬†am to 7:00¬†am. 5 hrs¬†53 mins. 12 x awake for 37 mins. Got¬†to bed a little later. I was very close to finishing off the “For We Are Many” (Bobiverse book 2). So I will be onto book 3 tonight. I was only¬†about 4 to 5 minutes later from reading, but then I had to get my son back to bed. I was in bed by 12:20 ish.


Plenty of things to get done tomorrow. It seems like it is taking forever for use to get all moved in. Though, we aren’t exactly spending 8 hours a day working on it either.

My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 201

A couple of days ago I mentioned the mental game. Well, it seems today I have been on the very angry side of all this.

Today, it just seemed item after item was so very much making me want to rage. Everything seemed to go wrong. Looking for items when cooking, and it taking so long to just find it, or find out it is gone. Just so so mad. Very quick bursts of anger. I had to tell myself to calm down more then a few times haha.

I did make myself some chicken crust pizza, and it was good. had to tweak the crust a bit because of missing items. I added some black olives this time too. Another postive note, I did get out and get in two Pokemon raids. SO it wasn’t all bad today. ūüėČ

Weight loss wise, I am back to dropping. Down even more today. Which is very good.

I put in a support ticket with fitbit today, because I haven’t been able to get my fitbit aria scale to connected to the wireless, since we moved.


07/19 MyFitnessPal¬†– 1642 Calories, 16 net carbs (13 net carbs minus the¬†erythritol) I did get my eating done in my window. Overall numbers wise it was fine, but I was hungry later on. It felt like¬†I didn’t eat enough real food. One burger for lunch was really it. It was pork rinds/cracklin’s for dinner.


12:18 am to 7:30 am. 6 hrs 33 mins. 11 x awake for 39 mins. I felt like I did have a decent sleep, just felt those wake ups, and felt like I woke up too early.


With rage issues today, I didn’t get all I wanted done in the kitchen. So I think we are hitting up the stores for items, then I will work on getting some food prep done.