My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 337

Here it is, Monday wrap up time!

Overall, I felt like this was one of my best weeks all year. I got in my runs despite the rain. I got in my step goal all week. I even put in over 8,000 steps on my “rest day”. Then, I also did my workouts. One in the complex gym.

All of this, and I hit my goal of 1000 of greater calories deficit.

The one thing I might change this week, is just to have the goal of not having a surplus on rest day. Then I actually can rest. 😉

Weight Loss

January 1st, 2018 to December 3rd, 2018

This week I did it. I broke into the 100 lbs lost category. 102.5 lbs since January 1st. 2.8 lbs this week. 257 lbs is my all time low (that I can recall in adulthood). I hope to be able to hit that before my Nerdfitness challenge is over. (December 23rd) It is weird to be thinking of the new year already, but I hope to enter it at my lowest weight!

11/26 – 1921 Calories, 11 g net carbs. Calories remaining 1916
11/27 – 2038 Calories, 10 net carbs. 1022 calories remaining
11/28 – 1926 Calories, 11 g net carbs. 1088 calories remaining.
11/29 – 1671 Calories, 8 net carbs. 1482 Calories remaining
11/30 – 1743 Calories, 9 net carbs.  1140 Calories remaining
12/01 – 1862 Calories, 12 net carbs. 1100 Calories remaining.
12/02 – 1330 Calories, 14 net carbs. 1162 Calories remaining. 

Each day, I did it. Some days I was able to eat quite a bit. Other days, I stayed lower. It seemed to be OK though. I did one meal yesterday. The others I usually have 2.

11/27 – 11:35 PM to 6:59 AM. 7 hrs 5 mins. 12 x awake for 19 mins.
11/28 – 11:25 PM to 7:00 AM. 7 hrs 11 mins. 13 x awake for 24 mins.
11/29 – 11:37 PM to 7:01 AM. 6 hrs 54 mins. Awake for 30 mins.
11/30 – 11:39 PM to 6:35 AM. 6 hrs 27 mins. 15 x awake for 29 mins.
12/01 – 11:41 PM to 8:00 AM. 7 hrs 2 mins
12/02 – 11:48 PM to 5:25 AM. 5 hrs 3 mins. 11 x awake for 34 minutes
12/03 – 11:51 PM to 7:00 AM. 6 hrs 38 mins. 18 x awake for 31 mins.

Last couple of nights, I had a little trouble getting to sleep. I was in bed on time each night, and I did get in my reading before hand. Most nights this week, I had decent sleep. Hopefully, I will return to that.


11/26 – 13,574 steps total. 118 active minutes
11/27 – 10,083 steps. 114 active minutes (C25k Week 1 Day 1 finished)
11/28 – 11,543 steps. 124 active minutes
11/29 – 10,825 steps. 62 active minutes (C25k Week 1 Day 2 finished)
11/30 – 11,128 steps, 103 active minutes
12/01 – 10,821 steps. 108 Active minutes. (C25k Week 1 Day 3 finished)
12/02 – 8,571 steps, 90 active minutes (rest day)

I got it all in this week. Barely made steps on Tuesday. Still got in over 8,000 steps on rest day. I did run all 3 scheduled days. I also was able to get in all my workouts.

3 x 10 squats
3 x 10 elevated push ups (against the kitchen counter)
3 x 10 Doorway Body weight Row
3 x 10 each arm Dumbbell rows. 25 lbs

3 x 10 body weight squats
3 x 10 elevated push ups (on the dumbbell rack)
3 x 10 one are dumbbell rows each arm (25 lbs)
3 x 10 lat pull down bar. on set was 50 lbs each side. 2 sets were 70 lbs each side. 

3 x 10 squats
3 x 10 elevated push ups (against the kitchen counter)
3 x 10 Doorway Body weight Row
3 x 10 each arm Dumbbell rows. 25lbs

This week

More of the same! I need to keep this momentum rolling. I feel a bit behind today, but hopefully, can get all caught up.


  1. Man, you are killing the game and making us all look bad! lol. Congrats on the 100 pounds lost mark that’s insanity man! You have put in the work and made the effort so you absolutely deserve all of this! Don’t stop now because your so close to your all-time low and I for one know you can do it! keep fighting and winning you are an inspiration to us all my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks 🙂 I know there was a couple of months in there I could have done better, but overall, I am pretty proud of myself. Just thinking back to the me from last year, it is crazy to think this was just a pipe dream I was having.
      I am already starting to dream up what I want out of next year. The last time I was this low, I did get some things done, but I didn’t go any lower in weight. Spent the year floating 260-280s. This time I want to keep dropping weight. I’m going to make a goal list for next year. Hopefully, in a year, I will have become even healthier 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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