Hi, I am William Tate.  I am a stay at home Dad that loves gaming, sports, and really anything with technology.

I grew up playing video games.  All the way back to the Atari 2600.  These days it seems to mostly be World of Warcraft I play.  Toss in a bit of Overwatch for fun.

I am an avid bowler. Nothing pro level, but I enjoy my bowling nights. I also love watching The St. Louis Cardinals during baseball season. I don’t get to watch too many games in person, because I live in California.  I do get to enjoy some Hockey games live though.  It is a lot of fun watching The San Jose Sharks.  I like rooting on the St. Louis Blues as well.

Technology has always played a part in my life. Building computers to game on, or tinkering with things.  I hope to get into the maker space a bit, when I can find the time.