My Year with Keto 2018-2019

What a year it has been!

It’s New Years Day. It is a time for people to start on their resolutions they made. Like millions of people around the world, I will be joining them. My resolution, like many others, is to lose weight. Not just 20 pounds, but a lot. Enough to save me from having to go the weight loss surgery route.
A few months back, I had some bad test results. This worried my Doctor enough that she said “I believe this calls for immediate change in strategy.” A phone appointment later, and she was talking weight loss surgery.

My Day 1 in My Journey to a Healthy Me

This was my day 1 last year. I was worried about having to get surgery done. I have previously lost weight, and gained it back. This last trip was even worse, and my body wasn’t having it. I absolutely could not live any longer being that heavy. I also need to not go back this time. Time to keep pushing forward!

I stuck to my goals in general, and they worked out well for me. I didn’t get to exercise as much as I wanted, but that is on tap for 2019!

Keto really helped me this last year. Just for a fact it doesn’t feel super restrictive to me, and I don’t feel as hungry all the time like I use to. I still have plenty of days where I want to eat everything in site, but it is much more manageable now.

Being in Ketosis doesn’t mean you lose weight

I know, very weird headline after I am praising Keto. The thing is, you can eat too much on Keto as well. It didn’t seem to matter as much at first, but I went though a couple of months trying to figure out why I just wasn’t losing weight.

Keto is definitely a helpful tool for me on my Journey to get healthier. There is the appetite suppression that helps. A part of this was me actually cooking healthier foods as well. No more trip to get all the fast food. I still do from time to time, but most of it just tastes bad. Just not worth the calories.

As a Type 2 diabetic, Keto has been amazing. 3 weeks into my journey last year, I had to get off of ALL my diabetes medication. It was actually lowering my blood sugar too much. My Doctor ended up wanting me to stay on some satin drugs, but in the end I stopped taking those too. I did not like how they made me feel, and my blood work was turning out great in follow up tests.

For anyone starting up today…

You can do this. The biggest thing is just sticking with the process. Not focusing on weight loss really. Keep the focus on what you eat, and how you are feeling. Keto can be a rough thing to get started.

For me, I tried to keep things simple at first. I didn’t focus as much with macros. I mainly wanted to make sure I was under 20 net carbs. I even just kept eating the same meals mostly. I did go through some Keto flu, but it was increased a bit from my diabetes medication lowering my blood sugar levels too low.

I am also a tracker. I started off using MyFitnessPal, and eventually moved to Chronometer to track my food. Tracking doesn’t work well for everyone, but I think it is key when trying to lose weight. I have seen other apps to help with tracking as well, even if it is just taking pictures of your food, or using a food journal.

Now to my results

Here is my results from January 1st 2018 to January 1st 2019.

Weight Loss:
I started off at 364.8 lbs. Today I am 254.8 lbs. 110 lbs gone this year. Not only was I able to hit the 100 lbs mark, but I also got to my lowest weight in a really long time. Probably since 2000.

January 1st 2018 to January 1st 2019


Neck19.6817.282.40 inches
Chest55.9047.008.89 inches
Waist61.4148.8912.51 inches
Bicep (L)17.9114.293.62 inches
Bicep (R)16.9214.212.71 inches
Forearm (L)13.8911.921.96 inches
Forearm (R)13.8912.081.81 inches
Thigh (L)30.3124.645.66 Inches
Thigh (R)28.8924.374.52 inches

Progress Pictures

Here is the one I have been debating forever. Do I show my progress picture. Face pictures are easy to do.

The shirtless pictures, not so easy for me to post. Still, they show progress, and here they are.

Click here to see the pictures

2019 and Beyond

So now to 2019 goals. What do I want to get done this year. Well, I want to continue on this journey to get healthier, and stronger. I currently have 3 goals in mind for this year. I have others, but these are my focus.

  1. Get to under 200 lbs. Journey to Onederland. 😉
  2. Run a 5k
  3. Do a freaking Pull up

I’d love to see if I can get under 200 lbs this year. I think BMI wants me at like 165 or something weird. I feel like 185-195 is the range I really want to be in. First is to focus on getting out of the 250’s. Then Making it to 225.

Running a 5k would be something I want to get done too. I am going to finish doing the C25k app, and hopefully sign up for an official race someplace.

Lastly, I want to do a Pull Up. Like how awesome would it be. I never have ever done one in my life. I half cheated one when I was in middle school. To work my way to this, I need to lose more weight, and get stronger. I’ve got some workout routines to hopefully get me there. Maybe I can get it done this year. Time will tell.

I have also made my latest challenge thread at NerdFitness. “Tateman: Let’s Go 2019!” Just something to help keep me accountable some what, and to share and help others along on their journeys as well.

There we have it folks. 2018 was a roller coaster. I hope 2019 I will be able to reach even greater success. Good luck to everyone out there this year. Just keep sticking to it. If you fall off, just try to get yourself back up and move on!

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