My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 338

Today, my lungs were on fire! 😉

I finished Week 2 Day 1 of the RunDouble C25k app this morning.

After that, I went for a walk around the park as well. I did not go on my second walk, so I still have a couple hundred steps to hit my 10,000 step goal.

I am feeling a bit sore. I can tell I am using my body a lot more now. I might just make Sunday a real rest and recovery day. I’ll just have to focus on eating light that day. I guess I will see how I feel on Sunday 🙂

This coming Saturday, I am bowling with out Match Club. We are having our Holiday get together. So just our club. Bowling a No-Tap tournament style. No-Tap means if you knock down 9 pins in the first ball, it counts as a strike.

There is going to be lots of food. Much of which, I can’t have. The biggest problem I see, is trying to guess my portions when I try to put them into Chronometer. I think I might just fast until then, or just have a light snack before going there. 


Pretty much hit all my goals yesterday for health stuff. 


1586 Calories, 9 net carbs. 1613 calories remaining. Could have eaten a few more calories last night, but I didn’t want to over extend without knowing how much I could do. I was a little hunger later on, but that just have been in my head.


11:36 PM to 7:00 AM. 6 hrs 59 mins. 16 x awake for 25 minutes. I got reading on time, and headed to bed with plenty of time. This is like the third night in a row I have woke up between 4 and 5 AM. Don’t know what’s up with that. Still better sleep then I had the previous couple of nights. 

I took a little longer in the day to get to my workouts, but I did get it in there.

3 x 10 squats
3 x 10 elevated push ups (against the kitchen counter)
3 x 10 Doorway Body weight Row
3 x 10 each arm Dumbbell rows. 25 lbs

This week

Just got to keep on going this week. I’l like to at least do as well as I did last week! 🙂


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